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“Do you want to be a webcam girl and satisfy your desire of exhibitionism?
Do you want to know how to work at home with a webcam, a pc and earn 90 euro per hour by now?
…Would you like to know how to work only when you want?…
Would you like where to find an amusing and payful job?
Now, reading this letter till the end You will discover how I did to get all this in such a little time…”

Finally you succeeded to find the information you were looking for and all the absolute news I am to reveal to you come from my personal experience and I grant you that you will be finally free from bonds of job and that you could get so much money at your disposal in an easy and simple way.
Dear friend, I am Marika, I am 32, I am from Bologna.
I write you all these precious information because I was desperate too before knowing this source of income.  Money was never enough. If I wanted to buy a dress I had always to deal with my wallet and even if I worked hours in the office, expenses became impossible to face.
Go shopping became something exceptional, but, then, if I bought something a little bit more expensive, I repented watching the red of my account.
I could not bear this situation any more!
I had a job I did not like, too much expenses, a ridiculous salary, no freedom because I had to work extra to supplement, but with all this, money was never enough, I did not know where to beat the doors to move the situation.
So I said “STOP! I want to solve this problem now!”
Shook my head the thought about a my friend of mine, Eva, who said that in the internet you can get a lot of money in an easy, quick way, amusing, staying at home with a webcam and a computer.
I ran off to call her and asked her all the information necessary to start this kind of job, and now that I know this source of income, I solve all my problems once a while.
I work only when I want to, I earn 90 euro per hour, I have the chance to make girls and boys subscribe, tripling my money gained, I have a great time chatting and with 4 hours a day I bring home 3000/3500 euro/month.
My mate is happy too, He does not feel the weight of duty upon his shoulders and helps me to put the ads in the internet… Now I make shopping when and how I want, my furniture are full of wonderful shoes I dreamt only about before. My furniture are full of dresses too, I decide to buy another one. I have a lot of time for my leisure, I go to the gym, massages and I am in a very cool shape!
Now I can help you because I exactly know what the sufferance of no economic freedom and a disgustly job are about.

 Stay there!
Now I exactly explain to you what and how you have to do to get this result, to be free, happy and satisfied of  yourself… follow this simple and quick points:
To make this kind of job you must possess a computer, a webcam and an internet connection.
As first thing, you have to subscribe and insert the data needed.
You shall send the copy of a document that shows that you are more than 18 years old, to the mail address shown with the registration or to the fax number 0291993118. You can cover your address, by reasons of privacy. Stay sure that the site camdavivo is safe 100% and 100% protected, my personal experience says so.

In short time after you sent the document your profile will be approved and a confirmation mail will arrive to you.
Enter the site and insert one or more pictures in your profile, even without displaying the face.
Insert a price for the internet connection to the webcam per minute (ex. 3,00 euro/minute).
I gathered commentaries of friends of mine to whom I advised this kind of job:
Monica Mancuso, age 20, Milan
“I did not trust at the beginning, but my friend Marika showed me step by step all the great advantages with this kind of job” I started, and without making me know, without showing my face in chat, I saw that my account rose minute by minute. I am a student, I am far from home and here in Milan money is never enough, rent, food… I went on asking my parents for money, but after I get great time in chat and gain, and nobody knows, my situation changed.
“I don’t need anyone anymore to go forward and I get my satisfactions- Thank you Marika!”

Eva Morbelli, age 35, Milan
“That was me the first one of the group of the friends to discover this fantastic source of income. It’s easy, safe, and I have more time for me. I love reading, but I never had time, I went crazy at work for a misery! Since I discovered this job my life changed, I can read when I want, I can buy a heap of books without economic paranoias, and so, as I adviced it to Marika, I advice it to you too… let this chance disappear is unthinkable!!

Morena Sartelli, age 34, Bari
“Ciao, my story is a little bit different. The situation is really hard in the south about work, especially for women. I felt obliged to ask my husband for money, it was frustrating. Sailing in the internet I found this new thing and I readily understood that it was the best chance to me and to all the girls who do not want to depend from their fellows. Now I work in videochat, I do not depend from anybody, and it is wonderful. I feel gratified and happy…”

I wish you good work and a lot a lot of fun…


P.S. This is a real chance to change your personal and economic situation, don’t lose other time uselessly, get money and live your deserved economic freedom, have a lot of free time to dedicate to yourself.
P.P.S. the site camdalvivo that I advice to you is the only one that grants you everything referred to  the European law about privacy  and anonymity.  It is 100% protected, there is

no obligation, even after the subscription and you will be free to decide how much time to dedicate to this activity, and you can cancel yourself anytime with a simple request by mail.

Time arrived to change your life, don’t you believe it?


Percentage of provisions are shown as below:
Webcam live 50%
Spycam live   50%
Shows            50%
Pictures          50%
Videos            50%
Mobile phone 50%
Email          50%
MSN contact  50%
ICQ contact    50%
AIM contact     50%
YAHOO contact 50%
Camdalvivo is the only one site too that offers a percentage for the subscription of the uses of 10%, exactly the double than the other ones!!!
You can consult the guide to gain up to 7.000,00 euro net a month, click on the picture here below:

Gain up to 300% more with the webcam and the subscription camdalvivo

You could always check the amount of your gains in the dedicated control panel, in an easy and simple way. When you reach the amount of 300,00 euro you can send the request of payment with a click.
Payment shall be requested before the 15 of each month and will be approved the 16. You will receive the bank transfer the day 23 of each month. For further details go to the section “payments”.
It is possible to receive the payment with recharge on your Poste pay (if you have one), and in this case you will pay less than with an international transfer.



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