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Glossary Videochat




Abilitation (abilitazione):
access to the site by previous approving of the staff.

Account: all the data that build the profile of the single user

Admin: administration of the site who surveys about the respect of the rules of the same site.

Affiliated (affiliati):
users or girls who subscribed in the site through links of other users or girls they knew or not, already subscribed to the same site
Affiliation (affiliazione):
rent of money that is produced making users and/or girls subscribe to the site by the automatic sending of their own link using the option “invite your friends” or using banners or various services provided by the site to incentive the subscriptions.

Agree (consenti)

Assistance (assistenza):
gratis service provided to users or girls by camdalVivo working 24 hours a day.
You can have access to this service writing to assistance by inserting the questions about the problematics or something particular in the dedicated space. The answer will arrive back from the staff in 24 hours.


Banner: i
t is an advertisement space (ad stripe) inside camdalVivo, at disposal for other sites.


Cam (see webcam)

Camgirl: girl who enters in connection on videochat by the use of a webcam.

Click (cliccare): press the left button of the mouse (see under: mouse).

Chat: virtual conversation happening  “live”
Private chat: space in the site dedicated to the conversation between one user (free to show on webcam) and one girl, who has the faculty to show and display using her own webcam.
Public chat (chat pubblica): public virtual conversations between users and girls linked to the site.


Contacts (contatti): mail addresses, msn addresses, mobile phone numbers


data bank, data archive referring to all the material of the site, of the uses or of the girls registered on camdalVivo.


woman for companionship. CamdalVivo is not a site for escorts.


Faq: Frequently asked questions. Obviously followed by the requested answers.

masturbation made with female feet.
Fetish: the using of certain dresses or materials with erotic aim.

sexual practice deriving from the word “fist”.


Guest: customer who enters the site as a guest and who has to be registered to have access to the services provided by the site.


first page o main page of the site.


Internal mail (posta interna):see messages- private/internal mail


Link: it is an internet address, which you can go to another internet site clicking on it.


Messages- private/internal mail: options which gives the possibility to write private messages to girls and/or to other users, with a cost of 10 tokens per message.

Mouse: tool connected to the computer which it is possible to direct a cursor (arrow) at the inside of a site moving it.


nickname/pseudonymous chosen by the user to make himself identified inside the site.


Password: c
ode/s or particular word/s chosen by the user which permit/s to access the site (together with the “Username”) and which guarantees the protection of his/her privacy.

or more elegant “golden rain” is the erotic stream of urine poured on the body of the partner with the aim to move him to excitement.
The “golden rain” is a practice with a large diffusion at virtual level. In fact a lot of camgirls with their webcams are disposable to this practice for the users who demand it.

Profile: characterisations, data, all the information that denotes a user and/or a girl.

PVT: private videochat between a user and a girl




Server: computer containing the information and all the data referred to one or more internet site: The server transmits and receives data through the connection to the Internet.

permits the visualization and the connection among more users of a videochat.

Spy: user who has the chance, by buying previously the tokens, to spy a girl when she is on private sexy videochat with anotherone user, with a click on the dedicated icon (yellow key) which appears when the same girl is on pvt.

see spy

personnel who works in the site


Token: virtual money through the using of which it is possible to have access to the services provided by the site.

Username: it is close to the nickname (see upper)

User: who enters the site


Videochat: virtual conversation which happens directly with the videoconference.

Videochat public – virtual conversations between users and girls linked to the site

Videochat private
– space in the site dedicated to the video-conference between an only one user (who is free to display himself in webcam) and just one girl who has the faculty to show and exhibit herself through her own webcam.

: allows the visualisation and the interaction among more users of a videochat


Webcam girls: women who are more than 18 years old who connect themselves on videochat and who display themselves through their own webcam.

Webmaster: the creator of a web site


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