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The VideoChat is a service of (below “site”) provided by the society REXIS DATA LLC (hereafter “provider” or “society”), accessible, in any functionality to them who register themselves in the site (below “Operators” or “Users”). It gives the possibility to girls (below “operators”) to display themselves in a videochat acting with the users of the site and to sell directly in the site own proper images or personal objects (below “services”), following the purposes and the aims of the site.The Operator undertakes to respect the present conditions. If she does not agree, she can not subscribe. The subscription to one or more services and the use of the site follow a complete agreement to the present conditions by the operator. By checking the box containing the words “I read the Terms and General Conditions and I accept them”, located at the bottom of the subscription page, the user acknowledges that she is bound by all clauses of the General Conditions.The present conditions, together with “Terms and General Conditions” and the pages of the site referred to the present General Conditions and to the purposes and the aims of the site, constitutes a contract that governs the relationship between the user and the operator. They cancel and replace all the previous dispositions not expressly said or attached and represent the whole number of rights and duties of the provider and of the operator.


The equipment (computer, software, telecommunications systems, etc.) used to allow access to services shall be the responsibility of the user, as shall the communications costs incurred by its use. To subscribe you must be at least 18 years of age and complete all compulsory fields appearing on the subscription forms. The Operator guarantees that the data given are correct and truthfully true. The Operator undertakes to inform immediately about any modification of the data given with the subscription and, when needed, to directly modify the data by himself. When the conditions required for subscription are met, each user has at his disposal an user name (nickname) and a password (the both below “account”). They are strictly personal and shall not be communicated or shared with third parties. There is no case in which the provider could be considered responsible of the loss of the account by the Operator. In case that a Operator communicate or use these information contrarily to their purposes, the provider has the faculty to terminate the account of the Operator without prior warning. The Operator shall be solely responsible for the use of these elements of identifications in relation to third parties or for actions or for statements made through his account, if they are fraudulent or not. The Operator holds harmless against any request about these contents. The provider has no means to secure the identity of the Operators of the services, so that he is not responsible in case of misused identity of a Operator. If the Operator has reason to believe that another person uses his own identity data or his own account, he shall immediately inform the provider sending an e-mail to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , address protected by bots spam. Javascript needed to see it.
The provider can exercise the possibility to delete the accounts of the Operators who did not use the services for a period of THREE months or more. The term considered to compute this period is the one of the last access in the site.


After the subscription and, following the condition to be in possess of an user name and a personal account, the operator can use the services. It is strictly forbidden to use the videochat in presence and/or together with third persons, except episodic exceptions, always with persons with more than 18 years old and with their consent. The operator has the duty to check the identity of the third persons and to assure their subscription to thte General Conditions of the site. Under request of the Moderator the Operator should give the data of the third persons. In case of lack of the operator, the Moderatore has the faculty to switch the videochat off for the period needed.

During the use of the services, the Operator should never:
- speak to other operators vulgarly or with offensive language.
- communicate with messages too long or with empty text lines (flooding)
- invite the users to other concurrent sites or provide service with added value.
- ask payment different to the ones of the site.
- accept personal meetings, giving personal data to the purpose.
- show nudities or obscene behaviours in the public videochat.
- ask the users money, recharges or payments in any nature different from the tokens, the only payment admitted in the site.
- occupy the VideoCam without sending videos.
- perform body act on herself following the will of the user, provoking libido in the same.
- using material which could let the other think that he is acting with a minor of 18 years.
- prostitute herself: in any case the operator undertakes not to show herself naked and to  respect the current laws of the country where the services are used and the rights of the third parties.
- use the videochat for professional or commercial purposes (canvassing, soliciting or prostitution), or to use materials regarding minors, that contains implicit or explicit pornography. It is strictly forbidden to use the videochat, or part of the services offered, paid or not, to suggest directly or indirectly for commercial purposes other sites or commercial activities or in any case other forms of contact without explicit authorization.

It is strictly forbidden making exchanges of e-mail addresses or contacts msn, Yahoo or similar, with the operators or other Operators. - not to use the videochat to destabilize the community or assume offensive attitudes or to any behaviour able to create form of lack of quietness or to disturb the Operators.
- the operator who will use the services offered by the provider will be directly responsible of his actions (videochat, private rooms, advertisements etc…) and not to give data that could bring to her identity (surname, address, postal code, telephone or mobile). Otherwise, the Provider reminds that the dissemination of information that can lead to the identification of the Operators, such as family name, postal address, telephone number is forbidden.
- present or give publicity in any form to information or contents presenting the truth.
- give form to expressions or sentences that, in any possible form, could contravene the rights of third parties or could express contents calumnious, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting to violence, political, racist or xenophobic, or, in any case, contents in opposition to the subject, currents laws or morality. In details, pictures, videos and every information, data or file given by a Operator shall be referred only to the Operator himself.
- not to present or give publicity in any form to information or contents having the effect of diminishing, disorganizing, preventing the normal usage of the services, interrupt and/or slowing down the normal circulation of communications between Operators, such as applications, viruses, Trojans, mass mailings (spam), etc.
- not to disseminate ,in any form, information or contents linked to other sites if they are illegal, against morality and/or different from the subject.
- not to insert in the site pictures or videos without the rights to diffusion needed following the law of the country to which is linked.
- not to show trade marks or similar recalling other sites or images without the rights of diffusion needed.
- alert immediately the provider about cases of paedophilia, racism, abetting prostitution or prostitution itself.
Saved the dispositions in the next article 5 “Termination of the Contract”, in case of a serious breach committed by a Operator in relation to one or more of the present rules, the Provider can exercise the possibility to interrupt the account of the Operator, and to delete automatically all the messages not filling the Dispositions, to prevent the publications of a Operator, all or in part, and/or to block his/her access to the Services, all or in part, temporarily or definitely, together with the right of the Provider to ask th operator the major damages.
The expulsion of an Operator can happen without previous warning.


3.1 Content broadcast by the site

The trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts featuring on the site are licensed exclusively to REXIS DATA LLC and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the express permission of the Provider. The rights of use accorded by the Provider to the Operator are strictly limited to accessing, downloading, printing and reproduction on all media (hard disk, floppy disk, CD-ROM, etc.) and to use of these documents for private and personal purposes in the scope of and for the duration for the Operator’s membership with the videochat. Any other use by the Operator is prohibited without the authorisation of CAMDALVIVO. In particular, the Operator is prohibited from modifying, copying, reproducing, disseminating, transmitting, exploiting for commercial gain and/or distributing in any form whatsoever the Services, the site pages or software codes for elements comprising the Services and site.

3.2 Content provided by Operators

The Provider is the Owner of the intellectual property rights attached to the content provided by the Operator at the same moment of her subscription, for the purpose of broadcasting on the site.
This property in particular incorporates the right to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, scan, use for publicity purposes, commercial or non-commercial contents concerning the Operator (information, images, videos, streaming in videochat etc.) on all or part of the site and/or in mailing sent by the Provider for publicity and to adapt this contents to make them compatible with the technical processes or appropriate media formats. The Operator is prohibited from copying, reproducing or otherwise using for any purpose the content relating to other Operators, except for explicit requirements for usage of the Services for the Operator’s own strictly personal and private use.


The prices for the services are decided by the Operators directly, without interfering of the Provider.
The operators undertakes the applications about the income following the dispositions of the country in which she/he stays, remembering the treaties about the double application.

The Operator will receive a fee for the services provided following the prices list published in the Site.


An Operator may at any time and without the need to provide any reason end his/her relation with the Provider sending an e-mail to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , address protected by bots spam. Javascript needed to see it.. On the same way, the Provider can terminate the contract with the Operator in any moment, sending an e-mail to the address given by the Operator. Without prejudice to the other provisions hereof, where the Operator commits a breach, the Provider can exercise the right to suspend and/or delete and/or terminate the account of the Operator without prior notification nor reimbursement of the Tokens and/or might claim from the Operator in compensation for the harm suffered as a result of such breaches. The Operator will be informed via e-mail about the suspension and/or termination of his/her account or about the confirmation of the request to delete or terminate the account.


6.1 Information and content supplied by the Operators

The information supplied by a Operator must be accurate and conform to reality. The consequences of disclosing information on the life of the Operator or of other Operators are the sole responsibility of the Operator concerned. The Provider can not be held liable for (and the consequences of) the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by other Operators, site visitors and/or the Operator himself/herself. Correspondingly, the Provider can not be held responsible for content distributed by a Operator that might contravene the rights of one or more other Operators or third parties.
In the event that any damages are brought against the Provider due to any actions by the Operator that are against the law or against these General Conditions, the Operator shall assume all responsibility. Such warrant covers all the sums needed in a legal action.

6.2 Functioning of the site and Services

The Operator must have the skills, hardware and software required to use the Internet or, as appropriate, internet, telephone services via Audiotel or SMS and ensures that his/her equipments guarantees protection, availability and integrity for the transmissions of data via Internet. Under these conditions, the Provider does not guarantee that the Services shall function without interruption or error. In particular, the use of this site may be interrupted at any time for the purposes of the maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to develop its content and/or presentation. Whenever possible, the provider shall inform its Operators prior to maintenance work or updates. The Operator does not hold the Provider for responsible of the functioning or use of the Services. In the same way, the Provider cannot be held responsible for the non-functioning, non-availability or adverse conditions of usage resulting from incorrect hardware, problems experienced by the Operator’s Internet Service Provider or blockages on the Internet networks or for all other reasons outside the sphere of influence of the Provider.

6.3. Links

The Provider can supply or third parties may include hypertext links to other websites and to Internet sources (below “external sources”). As the Provider is unable to supervise these external sites and sources, it can not be held responsible for their availability, and can not be held responsible for their content, advertising, products, services or any element made available on or from any of these external sites or sources. Any difficulty relating to an hypertext link must be submitted to the administrator or webmaster of the site to which it pertains. The consultation and/or utilisations of these external sources are governed by their own Terms of Use. Finally, if during the search performed on the CAMDALVIVO site would point the Operator to access sites, pages or forums of which the content and/or purpose constitutes a violation of the law of the country to where is linked, the Operator is required to cease consultation of the site concerned in order to avoid being held responsible for such violation.

6.4. Limitation of responsibility

The Provider shall in no circumstance be liable for direct or indirect damage to the Operator in the event of loss of data (including copies) or recordings made by the Operator, who is charged to provide him/herself of copies in back-up.


All the information regarding the relationship between the Provider and/or the Site, the Operators and the Users are to consider “Personal Information”. The information submitted verbally, written or via computer or other electronic mean shall be treated by the Operator as “Personal information”. All the “Personal Information” shall be held secret by the Operator and not revealed to third parties, shall be protected with the same cure of the personal information referred to his/herself, however in any case with a less regard than the one suggested by reason and diligence. The operator shall not use any “Personal Information” obtained by other Users, by the Provider or the Operators outside the purposes and the functions referred to the Services of the Site.


The provider may modify or let modify the pages of the Site or its Services at any time.
Thus, the Operators are invited to read the most recent version on line of the Site. The presence of the Operator on line means his/her full acceptance of every modification of the present General Conditions.


The present Gneral Conditions and duties derived are governed by the law of the State of Nevada (USA), even if they are applied in a different country or state. The present General Conditions are construed and applied in accordance with the right of the state of Nevada (USA). The Operator acknowledges that in case of controversy with the Provider the log represents the evidence of all actions and deeds done by the Operator.
The Operator expressly acknowledges that the Provider the right to modify the applicable law and the jurisdiction.
The Operators are invited to read the most recent version of the General Conditions on line in the Site. The presence of the Operator implies his/her complete acceptance of any modification of the present General Conditions, in every part, so as applicable law and the jurisdiction.


The Provider can be contacted via electronic mail at following address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , address protected by bots spam. Javascript needed to see it
Communications to the Operator will be sent to the address of electronic mail given together with the subscription. Such communications shall be considered received, even in case of the address is deleted or non-accessible. Situations where the Provider is to be informed readily.


The Operator declares to be informed about the fact that all the contents submitted in the Site are not moderated by the staff of the Provider, that they are not previously examined and that the provider is not charged to survey them in quality of provider of services of electronic communication, in accordance to the EC 2003/31.


The operator accepts what in the articles 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10, after an accurate reading of the same articles.

I accept the General Conditions of the Videochat ??????
Text of the Treatment of the Personal Data                                                      

Information about Privacy
Subjects with less than 18 Years of age
The persons with less than 18 years of age are not authorized to use our services.
The VideoChat is a service of (below “site”) provided by the society EASY WEB LINE KFT (hereafter “provider” or “society”), accessible, in any functionality to them who register themselves in the site (below “Operators” or “Users”). It gives the possibility to girls (below “operators”) to display themselves in a videochat acting with the users of the site and to sell directly in the site own proper images or personal objects (below “services”), following the purposes and the aims of the site. By using the Site and the Services referred, who register him/herself in the site (below “Operator” or “User”) will be able to acquire and/or the Services of the Site through one of the forms of payment accepted by the Site, which will give the possibility to gather Tokens on own proper account. The basic service of the Site is priceless for all the ones who will subscribe.
The provider has no responsibility about sites to which it is possibly to access by mean of the links located in the same Site, given as simple service to the Users of the Videochat.

I agree to the Treatment of the Personal Data

Consult General Conditions of CAM dal VIVO

I accept the general conditions of the videochat


Persons less than 18 years old are not allowed to use our services.
Persons less than 18 years shall not send any information.

Camdalvivo (henceforth “site”) is a service provided by  TSS TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICE SWISS SAGL made by girls (henceforth “operators”), who display

themselves in the site by the techniques provided by the site and who interact with other users of the site and sell their personal images or objects (henceforth

“service”)  through the site, following the aims and the scopes permitted by the same site. Using the site and the service provided, who subscribes (henceforth “user”

or “subscriber”) has the faculty to buy the products or the services or the site, selecting one of the payment modalities as indicated,  that will give the chance to

gather tokens on the personal account. The basic services of the site are gratis for all the ones who will subscribe.

The Provider has no responsibility about all that refers to the sites which are linked from the inside of the site. The possibility to access these sites does not mean

any approval of their quality, content or graphic, about them the provider declines any responsibility, that is on the entire charge of the providers of the linked

sites. Any responsibility is involved about the software used in the linked sites, about their quality, content and compatibility with other systems in use.

The Provider guarantees that the treatment of the personal data, which may arrive via electronic mail or other computer mode or directly to the site, are submitted to

the European law, as indicated about privacy policy.

The products, services , programs and routines are downloadable following the conditions of the Provider, who assumes no responsibility about content, quality or

functionality .

In this page are described the modalities of data treatment of the users. This information is given following the present rules to the ones who access

by  computer. The information is only about the site, inspired to the recommendation n. 2/2001 art.29 of the directive 95/46/CE adopted the17/05/ 2001, about a minimum

insurance about the personal data collected on-line, particularly about modalities, time and quality of the treatment to the ones who enter a site, independently from

the nature of the access.

Owner of the treatment of the data of persons identifiable identified who enter the site is to be considered ADMINISTRATION TSS TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICE SWISS SAGL

The treatment of the data take place in the site, only by personnel of the owner.

Navigation data.
On-line functionalities and procedure during their normal exercise acquire data whose transmission is implicit in the usual Internet Protocol. This is about

information not collected to identify people but that can be used to identify people if given to third parties. This includes IP addresses, dominion names, URI

addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the ones who connect with the site, the time of the connection,  the programme used, the dimensions of the files answer, the

result of the answer (good, failed) from the server, all about the computer environment of the user. The same about a telephonic line, the time of the connection, the

number where it started, the time of disconnection. All these data will be kept safe by the administration of the Provider and destroyed after the compulsory time of

custody, except the cases ordered by the authorities to investigate a possible illicit and sold to none. The personal information is supervised only to check the

correct functionality of the site. The data given by the subscriber, such as sex, age, money spent, password are used for the functionality of the site and not sold to

third parties.

You shall not let other people see your password or share it. If, although this restriction, you lose the control of your password, contact immediately

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , to change it.

The data are freely given by the user, remembering that the same give access to the services of the site. The identification  of the subject will be possible using the

data given by the subscriber if ordered by authorities by reasons of justice. At the same time, the Provider can use the same data for his own defense.

The personal data are treated with automatized instruments for the time strictly necessary to the aims they have been collected for. Specific security measures are

observed to prevent the loss of the data, illicit or non correct use, and unauthorized accesses.

All the subjects whose personal data are referred have the right in any moment to ask about the existence or not of the data, about the content or the origin, verify

them, ask for an integration, update, rectify, cancel or transform them in anonymous form, or stop the data treatment by reason of violation of the law, more than deny

their treatment in every
legal form. The requests are to be demanded to ADMINISTRATION TSS TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICE SWISS SAGL via e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


I agree the treatment of the personal data

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